The mission of EUROCOAT GROUP is to create, to develop and to apply products in order to offer effective, innovative, competitive and high quality level solutions to the needs of its clients. In all phases of the creation process, since the formulation, research and design, with a responsible and committed way of work.


The vision of EUROCOAT GROUP is to offer the best service to its clients, helping them to achieve presence in its sectors of activity, cotributing to the development and realization of its employees as well as the profitability of their investments too.


MOTIVATION: we promote development opportunities based on merit and professional inputs, working as a team and promoting personal involvement and participation to achieve the common goal: personal, client and company success.

INNOVATION AND IMPROVEMENT: we apply continuous improvement in processes and in the development of our client products. As well as the innovation to reach the maximum quality in product and profitability.

CUSTOMER GUIDANCE AND FLEXIBILITY: we focus our efforts on customer satisfaction, providing effective, competitive, innovative, creative and quality solutions. Our flexibility is a tool to offer the best service to our clients.